Plant a Tree Today, Save your Generation Tomorrow


Hello Readers. Chennai reached a temperature of above 40 degrees Celsius last week. Rajasthan, Pune, Telengana and Andhra also reached high temperatures. Heat Waves everywhere. Heat Stroke, Sun burns, Dehydration etc spread viral. How many of us knew the reason for this is the deforestation over the past decades.

Statistically, Deforestation happened inn crores last decade but Afforestation happened in lakhs. Scientifically, deforestation increases the CO2 levels in atmosphere thereby resulting in extreme climatic conditions. As well, when extreme heat is exposed on top soil of agricultural lands, the soil becomes unsuitable for agriculture over course of time. But none of us even have a minute to think about all these adverse effects. Highways and Buildings that arouse damaging forests looks pretty, convenient and necessary for us but on the flip side, we are contributing to the global warming and the next generation would be the biggest sufferer if no action is taken now.

If the current state itself is like this, then think about the future where the needs are more and more infrastructure is needed, which means more deforestation. Fortunately, afforestation isn’t tough at all. If every individual plant a tree and maintains that properly, the whole blunder of deforestation can be tackled. Planting a tree isn’t tough as well. Simply sow a seed of your desired fruit or vegetable into a suitable soil and water it regularly. That’s it.


Volunteers can also join social welfare organizations for planting trees. There are many schemes now like Adopting a Tree, Gifting one or Guarding one etc. Dr.Abdul Kalam is a serious volunteer of tree planting and he insists very much on the same to the people. When we listen to his quotes and start dreaming big, its not only about your personal aspirations but also what we have to do for our next generation and society. Its not a single man’s job instead many. I do not want my kids to be suffering from drought or heat waves and hence I planted a tree in my house backyard. Its just a beginning.

My grandfather, neither a graduate nor an employee of a MNC used to say that he grew coconut tree for his sons and grand sons as it might take up to 10 years for it to be matured. If he can, why not we? Its always never too later for any good thing. So, please make it a point that you will start planting trees, at least one per head.

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