The Political Vacuum & Political Drama of Tamil Nadu

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The Tamil Nadu state assembly elections is drawing closer and the state’s electorates are puzzled over selecting a party or front that’s going to rule for next five years. And, as in every election political analysts and general public are talking about the political vacuum created by the perpetual decline of state’s two Dravidian parties – DMK & AIADMK. Nevertheless, no other credible party has risen to the occasion to fill in the political vacuum, although they are proclaiming their alleged credibility. As usual, the contest is between the two rival Dravidian parties and their share of fence sitters. But, in this 2016 elections, a lot of fence-sitters rather than standing behind the vastly corrupted parties have decided to jump into the playground to challenge them. And so two factors might decide the result of TN elections: the first-time voters; and the no. of votes the former fence-sitters were able to extract, which would regularly go to the two political giants.

The final results and analysis about it are not the foremost job of an electorate. The immediate decision one has to make is to choose the right party or front to vote. Of course, when it comes to elections the word ‘right’ is decided upon based on this question: ‘who is the least stupid and criminal of these lot?’ For the past 49 years, the Dravidian parties are ruling Tamil Nadu and one thing that has been a constant is ‘corruption’. Their political agendas & activities are so vile and abominable that the word ‘politics’ immediately brings to mind the image of an ‘open drainage’.  They have extracted funds from public welfare sectors for their private welfares. Like pollution-free days, in the future one has to bring in ‘corruption-free’ days because the rate at which these parties are depleting people’s money and resources is unbelievable to even grasp. Politicians had some shame in the past, when their scams are exposed. So, like all the other parties in India, DMK and AIADMK decided to choose shameless politicians as their candidates.


There’s the illegal extraction of granites, illegal beach sand mining and river sand mining. The culprits who deplete these resources have received presidential awards and have the full support of the Dravidian parties. Even from the administrative point of view, the Dravidian parties have failed the people. The top leader of one party relishes in being the ‘great dictator’ and has turned the state assembly into abode of wealthy slaves, while the other leader is occupied with the dilemma on dividing all the possible MLA, MP seats between his family members. The two parties are also good at embracing every little or big projects that might pose threat to Tamil Nadu’s environment & people. There’s something wrong when a government fixes target to sell alcohols to its people and when activists protesting against TASMAC are hunted down like criminals. Both DMK and AIADMK have also trained people to accept money for selling their votes. So, if a person who want to take a stance against the corruption he/she should vote against them. It’s that simple, isn’t it? But the third, fourth or fifth choices are hopeless as well as laughable.

Mr. MK Stalin (left) and Mr. Anbumani Ramadoss

Mr. MK Stalin (left) and Mr. Anbumani Ramadoss

The People’s Progressive Front or People’s Welfare Front spear-headed by Vijayakanth’s DMDK provides fine entertainment. The constant PR disaster of this front’s leaders is a big disappointment. PMK’s Anbumani Ramadoss is a educated person and talks about the state’s environmental & educational issues. He has had the experience as Union Health Minister, but then his parties’ caste-based image isn’t going to help a bit. Also, PMK has no or little influence in South Tamil Nadu. BJP’s vote share may increase than what they received in last state assembly elections, but they are going to fill in a little space of vacuum in TN politics. The Hindi speeches of Modi aren’t going to woo rural Tamil Nadu people and its time Tamil Nadu BJP realizes that there’s more to politics than trying to pull in Mr. Rajnikanth. Seeman’s Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK), despite its casual authoritative tone, does propose good environmental, public welfare schemes. However, it may not create a greater impact at least in this election. If so, then whom should we choose? May be we should leave out the parties, and just see the person contesting in our locality. We should observe the credibility of this person and their past activities to decide our vote. But, will this individual bring about a change, at least to our locality? May be not. Nevertheless, we should vote on May 16th, hope for a change, and if possible be the change.


Leaders of People Welfare Front

As I said, the parties in Tamil Nadu or all over India have done and doing lot of unspeakable atrocities that our perspective on politics has become afflicted. These political criminals want to keep it that way. But, politics isn’t a negative noun, it’s turned out to be. If we remain calm or indifferent, the grubby side of politics will forever enshroud us in darkness. We have to talk about politics – the politics of oppression, the politics of social exclusion, the politics of environment, etc. Not which of the past & present CM amassed more wealth. Resurrecting the truer meaning of politics is also as important as the customary casting of vote.


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