Poverty is declining: Indian numbers surprise

It would be good joke to say, India is witnessing Poverty declining. But it is not new to Indian Politicians. India Shining was a slogan by National Democratic Alliance (NDA) when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was facing elections at his last term as prime minister. The present prime minister, Mr Manmohan Singh might like the same. He is now calling India in Making – Bharath Nirman.

It was NDA which took the scale of INR 16+ as baseline for deciding the Poverty Line. But the outspoken United Progressive Alliance (UPA) spoiled its own image. The Planning commission Chief Aluwaliah is good at doing this job. He called less than INR 33.33 is good enough to run a day in India’s cities. Still, the nation doubts his basic mathematics skills.

The Tendulkar figures government has released states, poverty is declining. But atleast not with INR 16+ of NDA, little bit over  27.20 INR in rural India is above Poverty line per Indian Financial experts when you need around 60 rupees to buy 1$ and 10 rupees to buy nation’s national drink Tea. If you earn more than INR 33.33 – you are not poor in India.

Indian government is trying to get mileage in the election year. But it forgot the fact, After the Indian shining Campaign – NDA’s image has declined; not the poverty. If the analogy works out, the ruling Indian National congress supreme Sonia Gandhi will be worried.

India which should have witnessed the recession back in 2008 escaped due to the strong Indian Banking Sector and savings of the common public in the nation.


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Manmohan’s Model of copying United States and introducing Liberalization is failing miserably before his eyes when he is at the Prime minister’s seat leading the nation. Manmohan Singh under PV Narashima Rao regime, acted as Finance minister. He opened the market then. Since then, no Finance minister looked back. It is series of events which made this anti-climax for the world largest economic middle class community nation.

Parties which criticized Mr.Singh for opening the nation did never take U-Turn. They walked on the same path which was laid by Mr. Singh. The funny truth, even Mr.Singh’s enemies did not have the courage to walk in opposite direction. Mr. Singh was clearly a winner. He was a making the India Story different. Mr. Singh’s opponents were failing to put another agenda in the table to bring back Swadesi Policy. Swadeshi (India’s Own) did not work out when Mr.Singh was clearly winner.

The Worse thing is even now, there is no clear game plan from Mr.Singh’s opponents. Indian Economy really needs another plan. Mr.Singh cannot cook this plan. Too many cooks may spoil the food. But unfortunately, India doesn’t have a cook to replace Mr.Singh.

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