Priyanka – a New Storm


Most Indians see Indira in her face. Even the residents of her brother’s constituency (Amethi)  are thinking she(Priyanka Gandhi) is better than him(Rahul Gandhi).

Narendra Modi: Selfie King of India

She is not contesting in the elections. She is not campaigning all across the nation. But, still she is creating at least few sleepless nights to the opposition.

Indian National Congress: Waiting for a leadership

She is hitting the target with no indirect speeches. She is storming the nation’s polls. Prime opposition party BJP is worried about the mileage of her.

Though it is evident, Indian national congress will be eclipsed in the coming elections-  but Congress can bounce back sooner with Priyanka factor.

Priyanka can bring fortunes back to congress. Though Priyanka’s emotional pitch speak about her family and husband may not save her party. The future is holding the key for Priyanka.

The ABCD teacher of BJP, Narendra Modi did get lecture from Congress young professor. She made the nation to think – Narendra Modi is thinking Indians as elementary school kids.

She is catching the headlines of Prime time in News Channels and all of print media since she started her campaign for her mother and brother. The diseased Sonia and back bencher Rahul Gandhi cannot save the grand old party of the nation.

Priyanka Gandhi is the last hope of the Nehru-Gandhi party. The Party was criticized being dynasty party for the Nehru-Gandhi Family.

Nehru was not indulged in dynasty politics. Indira was installed as a cabinet minister of the nation after his death – not as party leader or prime minister of the nation. Rajiv Gandhi was the only immediate heir of the party for dynasty politics.

Sonia or Rahul did not enter into India’s politics after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination near Chennai decades back.

Hand & Lotus: Election Symbols of INC and BJP

Congress cannot be claimed for dynasty politics at least in Nehru-Gandhi family politics.

Priyanka is speaking logically and emotionally when required – which is required for Indian politics. If the people vote for dynasty – the nation has to get matured.

Seems another storm is getting ready in Indian Politics even though it is part of a dynasty.

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