Proud to be Part of Chennai !

Chennai floods

Chennai floods

It is New Year! Celebrations used to be in high in capital city of coastal state of Tamil Nadu. But this time – the city self imposed restrictions.

Chennai, one of the major metros of the nation was devastated by the end of last year. The city stood high by rendering volunteers with huge numbers which was never witnessed in history of the nation. Now, non-state thinkers of the city are thinking about rebuilding the city with the help of intellectuals.

Chennai, again amazes me. The popular film actor Surya did not promote his recent movie Pasanga-2 as planned – citing the reasons of flood. He feels expensive and extravagant promotion would not be correct at this tough time. Five star hotels refrain themselves from lavish celebrations of New year eve celebrations. A lot of people think about people, who helped in flood. Television channels though at minimum level aired programs on the New Year day about volunteers of the flood relief.

Chennai’s think tanks have called for meets to rebuild the city. Chennai is getting more and more mature which has to be taken note.

Chennai is neither my city of birth nor my city of living until 23 years since my birth. I came to Chennai to make money. Now, I am part of Chennai. I am not staying in Chennai continuously. But Chennai is my city for long time. I am happy about the discipline it practiced during the toughest period in the history. But you can not appreciate the state government completely for this. They resorted on pasting stickers on rescue materials at tough times delaying the rescue operations. This highly appreciated volunteering came from the common people of the city.

Proud to be part of Chennai!


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