Puppets – Made in America



We met a lad who willingly braved to give up his sophisticated life, a job fetching $220,000 annually, a loving family and his sweetheart. Giving up everything and knowing a nomad life ahead, he gave himself to his conscience.  The lad whom I’m talking about needs no intro. We know him well. Snowden, the whistle blower who revealed the PRISM project of the NSA (National Security Agency) who holed up in a Hong Kong hotel is now in the legal limbo in a Russian Airport.

Stripped out of his passport and crippled by the US from travelling, he has sought asylum in a bunch of 21 countries, among which India is one. New Delhi has come up with a strong NO in a record time. Being a strong ally of US, India found itself in the fifth victim of the surveillance project. To one’s surprise instead of reacting to America’s act that clearly violates the diplomatic relationships with itself, India came up to the US’ rescue yesterday. This has puzzled everyone, the political camps and the public alike.

Union Minister for External Affairs, Salman Kurshid , said, “ It is not snooping. It is only computer study and computer analysis of patterns of calls”. This not only reveals that, this government is for anyone else but people. Just compare this Indian reaction with the EU’s commissioner Vivane Reding, who has said,” Partners do not spy on each other”.  From a government that backs up the US in spite of itself being victimized, a man like Snowden could expect the least, to his favour.




Uncle John is bracing himself to bring him back to US at any cost. It would level due pressure on any country wherever Snowden would seek asylum to.  In front of the wide public eyes one man is chased for upholding the truth and this is one of the most disturbing moments for everyone who stands for truth.

I found it convenient to write the title for this article, though, without worrying about the prepositions. Even the alternates like, ‘Puppets- Made by America ‘or ‘Puppets- Made for America’ would still be meaningful.

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