The Question to be answered by BJP


A hesitation which has never occurred in the history of one of the world’s largest democracy is now happening. The last elections of India’s capital State – Delhi has proven a fact to the world. The Indians are against corruption of the system and they would like to throw away the ruling Indian National Congress (INC) and the incumbent opponent Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP).

Most of the Indian states are actively, an revolving door hand, changing power every elections. But the same was not followed in the nation’s capital.

In the beginning it was criticized the southern state of Kerala started this culture. India was then started getting keralized in every state. The neighboring state of non-revolving door politics until the period of Malayalam speaking Tamil Nadu chief minister M G Ramachandran was not keralized until the Jaya came into picture.

Delhi was not Kerala, Punjab, Tamil nadu or Rajasthan. Delhi was ruled by INC for last 15 years. The non-performing and equally corrupt Bharathiya Janata Party was looking for ride only relying on the triple-anti-incumbency. But the people of Delhi did not choose BJP too. The mandate may not be decisive but it was strong – we hate both of you guys.

The Activist Team, Arvind Kejrival and others did take advantage o the scenario. They won. The power hungry parties of India are BJP and INC plays role of saint now. The Single largest party of the national capital – BJP says, the mandate is not clear and will not form the government. But the INC and BJP claims fault on Activist Team for not forming government. The Claim seems to be like a plot to bring down the Activist Aam Admi Party. The AAP which is new in the playground of politics may need to be cautious with the grand old corrupt parties of the nation.

AAP has written a letter to presidents of both the parties. But AAP should not form the government. The mandate was given for BJP as single largest party. But BJP is shedding its responsibility. INC has no chance to form government which is single digited in the recent election.

BJP was hungry to form a government at center when it was very clear Mr. Vajpayee cannot withstand his first tenure for a couple of weeks. But the party was power hungry like INC. BJP has not said anything about the 2014 India elections.

 In case, if BJP becomes a single largest alliance leader but lack dozens of numbers in 2014 India elections – will it play a saint role as it is doing in Delhi? – BJP has to answer.

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