Quick thought to kickstart 2015


Well, we are into the new year. Lots of hope and lots of expectation for each one of us. One friend of mine who is professionally very well settled is hoping to marry his long time girlfriend this year at least and settle down in his personal life. Another friend of mine who is having a happy little family with two kids is struggling professionally and is hoping to settle down in his career this year. A colleague of mine is well settled both personally and professionally but is trying for a career shift. She as well is hoping the shift to happen this year.

When I wished the above mentioned characters for the new year, they were happy but all of them cribbed about their yet to have at least once. I am no exception and I do it now and then. I was about to text a friend of mine in wassap for new year and I was literally speechless when I saw his contact pricture. It was a poster that said

the life that you are living now is also a dream of millions

This made me to think and I remembered a distant relative of mine. He is a guy who never cribs about anything in life and he is the most independent person I have ever seen. He travels a lot and never keeps his mind idle.

Do you think he has got everything what he wanted in his life?


He is blind, divorced and lost his job.

His mantra is simple. If he even let his mind to think about his don’t haves for a second and starts complaining, he would turn week. So he always appreciates what he has got. Out of the very few instances that I have spoken to him, I could make out his smart savings when he had the job, his wide knowledge in the stock market, his passion to travel around as many places as he could and last but not the least, his faith in God and trust in human relations.

So, my new year resolution is to appreciate the things I have and not to crib for the yet to have. What about you?


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