Radio Days



Radio Days


Music is an integral part of human life.  Music makes our mind light and undoubtedly its one of the best stress busters we’ve got amid us. With the advent of technology the access to music is so easy. The gadgets dedicated to play music are everywhere and have become more affordable. For today’s music lover his/her smart phone doubles as a music player, as simple as that. Music on the go is no more a miracle! It would never be, any more…

I belong to a generation who had the opportunity to live on both periods- the era before digital revolution, and after. Hence comparing and contrasting these two ways of lives can possibly be done relaying much on personal experiences rather than mere logical approach. I was eight years old while a tape recorder came to our home. Even after that, we had few cassettes, as it wasn’t much affordable to us, then. There was a radio, Philips I vaguely remember. It wore a nice black leather jacket and it was one the most cherished objects we had in our home. Being elder, my sisters had the total control over it and I had to only tail them to listen to the tunes played in the radio.

The eighties weren’t the era of FM channels. We had just two radio channels AIR and luckily Sri Lankan Tamil radio channel. The radio was our Pandora’s Box, and we sat by its side during our leisure waiting eagerly for our favorite songs. We never knew when our favorites might be aired.  My sisters’ souls are filled with Ilayaraja’s Music and I borrowed the taste from them. We would patiently wait for our Raja’s melodies and when they get played in the Radio, we’ll jump in joy and settle down at the next moment to sink into the song.



Aladdin’s Genie

Whenever the radio played the songs we raved for, we took it as the Aladdin’s Genie fulfilling our petite wishes.  I still remember the days when my sister had her radio in the lowest possible volume by her pillow side, listening to it. The feeblest sound that comes over her is for me, and I would lend my ears to it, in the pretext of hugging her while sleeping. Little joys are always inexplicable yet they make our lives most beautiful and lively.

Now as a man in the thirties, my access to my favorite music tracks is just a click or swipe away- thanks to the digital revolution. I can listen to those tracks for which I once craved for days. The tracks remain the same the joy they elicit while listing to them remains the same. Yet, some magic of those radio days are missing. The tracks played in the radio were much of a gift, to which I had no control of. Only the eagerness remained and now I realize it in fact had honed my patience. The radio days certainly added another dimension to music in every sense.

In a way as human beings we never wish to leave our past and our urge to cling on to it is more intense than catching on with the future.

‘Radio days’ is pure nostalgia. I never deny that. I know I had to move on. Yet, in some cases the past remains the sweetest forever!


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  • Amit Misra

    I can relate with each and every experience and feeling narrated by you.