RaGa: Arnab makes it unpleasant


It seems Rahul Gandhi, the prime minister nominee by the grand old party of India walked into the trap knowingly or unknowingly by frankly speaking to Arnab.

Rahul Gandhi was questioned for the things he might not be responsible. The Past of 1984 wasn’t haunting Rajiv Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi, but the little prince and the son of the couple. Rahul Gandhi was struggling to answer few of the questions -Per the audience, most of the questions.

But in comparison with Modi, RaGa did not walk out of the interview what Modi will do in case of uncomfortable questions. Rahul has to still learn. Rahul should have taken a cabinet berth in one of their governments. This might have put him in a place to speak about his progress card instead of speaking on history.

There are ways to sorry. Congress did say sorry to Sikhs by making a Sikh as prime minister. Can the BJP make a Muslim as Prime minister of the nation to say sorry for the riots? This was never asked to BJP.

Moreover, If Modi is not responsible for the riots – how Center can be held for Terror attacks on the nation where Home ministry did not even have police force under control. We have chief ministers like Jaya to oppose any move like Counter Terrorism. And in a democratic nation, you have right to differ with verdicts of courts. But having said this, RaGa has no knowledge to debate things. RaGa is finding it difficult to answer every question.

RaGa seems to be sincere in thoughts but bad at articulating into words and can be bad at translating them in actions. This is the message I derived out of the interview. Congress and BJP are no way different. The Coffin corrupt BJP is equivalently bad to CWG corrupt Congress.

BJP had little chance to rule the nation. That is the reason; the list of corruption in BJP’s card is less. BJP has all potential to do hyper large scale scams given the chance. India doesn’t need BJP or Congress. They have proven they are not good for India. India is in a very critical condition where we have only non-performer or a non-honest Prime Minister nominee.


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  • Frank post.gud one.I feel dat a dishonest performer will b better than a dishonest non-performer.also true dat Sikh was made PM but is not a terrible price for this being paid by Indian taxpayer as this PM sits unspoken n unaccountable fr every lakhs of crores scam by virtue of full sycophancy to dynastic party?