Rajini follows Modi ?

He is the superstar of Tami cinema. His charisma can attract people from any corner of the world. He is a man with a cool head. After 30 plus years in Tamil Cinema, He is still active and pulls the crowd than anyone from the filmdom of the nation. Rajini was delivering few speeches politically long back which put the present chief minister and him in bitter positions. It was tough for him to sort it out. The Time helped him. Rajini, once had issues with PMK. But PMK joined hands with DMK in that elections. Rajini stated ‘PMK took shelter at my friend’s home’. However, Rajini is away from politics for long time now.

But always there are few talks about his political affiliations. BJP which tried too much to bring into the state unit of the party failed miserably many times. When Rajini entered twitter. There were too many followers. Rajini followed few. One among the twitter account he follow is of PMO. Rajini is following PMO.

Few people think that Rajini is following the present PM Narendra Modi. I think, there is a difference – PMO is office PM. Following personal Narendra Modi is not a mistake. But If I understand correctly – he is following PM not the politician Modi. He always has the right to lead in the path he chooses. It is unfair to stop anyone to choose a path or criticize for not choosing a particular path. Rajini too deserve it. Lets not color him.

He was painted with many colors in the past. He was Kannadiga for few. He was the man stood against Karnataka for Cauvery per few hard core Kannadigas. He was a Marati for few. But he did never encash the value of it in Bollywood. He is Tamil per him itself. He stated once – “I accept only a Tamil has to rule Tamil Nadu. I am part of Tamil nadu. Whoever is part of Tamil Nadu is a Tamil”

Let’s allow everyone to live their life.


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