RAPE: Not a Crime; It’s a mistake

Boys make Mistake; Don’t get Tensed: Netha Mulayamji

Most political parties in India are pro-minorities. But it is becoming harder to say – Are the rapist majorities or minorities? Samajvadi Party(SP) has believed they are really minorities. SP is championing for the betterment of boys who make the mistake called rape.

This is not vote bank politics. This is reflection of male chauvinism of the grand old civilization of the world.

Gangrape did happen in national capital. A man with  prime ministerial dream is calling Rape – a mistake. Boys make mistake, per him. Netha of SP, Mulayam Singh Yadav did rise the voice for boys who make mistakes.

Male Chauvinism is in the hearts of majority of Indian males. Modi once called the present generation girls as beauty conscious.

Indian Women are in insecure hands. India’s well educated state (Kerala)’s Women believe that they are very much insecure. The security of Indian women is better only on comparison with poorest. The poorest may also be Indian in future looking at the scenarios and netas.




His comments were not taken out of context. It is the context.

Indian netas are making fun when the ruling alliance is headed by a women.

The statement clearly states – boys may make mistake – Rape is just a mistake. To make things worse, the neta also asks ‘why to hang the boys for making mistake?’ He wants to amend the rule.

Never treated wife as wife: Prime Minister aspirant Modi

Keeping the fingers crossed, A man who married a women and not divorced her or not lived with her for years have lied to the nation he was bachelor and now aspiring to be prime minister. His name is Narendra Modi.

We have silent villains like Mr. Narendra Modi and voiceful villains like SP’s Mulayam Singh Yadav. But both are faces of Indian Male chauvinistic mind set. It is necessary for every women and men believe in women safety to throw out the people like these.

Support Women Safety!

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  • Still women battle for freedom and equality…..esp. Indian women….they go for a job,they take decisions,they are independent economically n socially…. But still the feeling of in security is haunting them like a nightmare…..sexual harassment has turned out to be a big threat of our nation…..A total change in men’s attitude towards women is the need of the hour…politicians who are supporting n justifying these type of illegalities has to be abstained…. it is important to select a person who is irrespective of gender difference ,caste,n religion….to ensure our security…..

  • Burt Phoenix

    Not quite sure if you heard his speech, he was talking about false rape cases and cases where a rape report is filed when a relationship has gone sour.

    By way of this article, are you justifying filing of false rape cases or giving capital punishment to the boy if he breaks-up with his girlfriend?

    You may want to read the below article for a detailed overview – http://ibnlive.in.com/news/men-mulayam-and-misuse-of-womencentric-laws/464958-37.html