The Religion of Hatred !

Water-color-world-map-atlas-print ‘Man is a Social Animal’ — it is a Greek Ideology. Man proves to be animal in a lot of cases. Unfortunately, Man has to live socially too.

Man is affectionate towards concepts and ideologies. Man is worried about the ideologies when he is comfortable with his bread and butter. Emotions are not good masters of any life in the world. But every life is ruled by emotions.

Religions are most dangerously emotional stuff. I have friends from various religions. Now days I am not happy with the way the social media is used by them.

Few friends of mine, tries to say best of their religion and ancestry. I am proud of my ancestry. Even, there are documented evidence my ancestry dates back to 5100 years. But, I am not going to use that as a tool to be little others. My birth is just an occurrence in this history which deserves no significance.

Being pride of you is a good thing to be appreciated. But using your knowledge on your pride to be little others is not a good thing.

We are humans first. We all came to earth for some purpose but the purpose is not hate anyone. A word is dangerous than sword.

Burning the bridge between you and your friend is not required. On the same token, being emotional on religion puts us in a spot where we don’t think about the ancestry wisely. We are closed minded not allowing anyone to criticize even with healthy attitude.

I have criticized all religions including mine in a healthy way. On the same note, I don’t believe in religion more than relations of human beings.

History cannot be changed. Every race and religion has done mass destructions in the past. Few even to defend their religion and offend the other. But History should be read as history & not as a tool to create enmity.

God Created World for lives to live and not to hate. World is of multiple colors, lets accept it.

Lets not make world black and white. It is beautiful to have world colorful.

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  • Athenas Take

    1. The blood that runs in my veins is no different from any other humans.
    2. All religions teach you the same basic principles like don’t steal, cheat, murder etc.

    Beyond these things I find religion only being misused by people to create all sorts of problems. Religion is a part of our lives and is not life in itself.