Reluctant Prince of Indian National Congress

16nlook1It is good time for the opponents of Indian National Congress, the longest surviving party of the largest democracy and the biggest country in the Indian sub continent – India.

The Ripe old party is waiting for the signal from the youngest prince of the party – Mr. Rahul Rajiv Gandhi. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is famous for his reluctance and his lecture on inclusive growth of the nation.

After, the assassination of former prime minister and the father of Rahul Rajiv Gandhi the Indian nation looked upon his mother and his sibling to take the congress in hand. Still people hope for Priyanka Gandhi, his sibling. Priyanka looks much similar to India’s Iron woman Prime minister of the past Mrs. Indira Priyadarshini Feroz Gandhi. It seems, Priyanka has been kept on mute for the welfare of Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s political future.

The younger Gandhi is learning Indian politics for long time which is in the blood of his dynastic family. Mr. Gandhi who wows for strong organizational structure in the party seems to be quite busy with the youth wing of the party.

Looks Mr.Gandhi is not in favor of tasting the politics. He has shown reluctance in taking the leadership. His personal life is already in stake because of the grand politics of India. He would be terribly missing his lady love from Venezuela. The young man is the architect of the newly introduced land acquisition bill of the nation which is part and parcel of Barath Nirman – the bouquet of benefits being rendered by the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) lead by Indian National congress.

Mr. Rahul questions very less in the parliament where he is member from Uttar Pradesh, his Grandmother’s home state in India. The Indian younger generation is not able to play too much of politics with its elder generation. Mr. Gandhi himself is facing tough fight with Mr.Narendra Modi, an elder champion in politics who completed two consecutive terms in Gujarat and staying in the state’s assembly for the third term.

Mr. Rahul wows for bringing Panchayath Raj extended like his father. He speaks of inclusive growth. He gets mentored by AK Antony, the defence minister of the nation – who is famous for his very clear image in a nation where scams started becoming daily news because of the party he belongs to.

Mr. Rahul has a team of members. Mr. DigVijaya Singh – a man with unclosed mouth is advocating Mr.Rahul Gandhi. Rahul has his own Computer Techie friend like his father who had Mr. Sam Pitroda.

Mr. Sam Pitroda, one of the architects of nation’s Telecom reforms believes Rajiv’s unfinished agenda is taken by Mr.Rahul Gandhi. He can smell it.

Mr. Mani Shankar iyer, the minister of Panchayathi Raj in Mr.Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet believes the local administration reforms initiated by Rajiv can be implemented by Jr.Gandhi.

A Reluctant prince with expectations from his supporters struggles to deliver anything significantly until now. His opponent is not simple man – but a man of sound politics. Yes! A man of too much sound.

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