Remake or Remix: Refinement or Reduction of Quality?


‘I don’t prefer to remix. We need to do justice while we remix’ – Once the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman said in a televised interview. The genius is correct on his thought.

A R Rahman was preceded by Ilayaraja in his state. Ilayaraja  is a musical genius of the nation. His Songs are used in most present movies but with no remix mostly. Most musicians want to do justice to his songs.

But the same is not running in the veins of brains of most musicians. Most Languages of India is witnessing remix of songs. Most of the time, the remix is not the refinement of music or songs instead reduction of quality. Bollywood songs getting remixed in pop albums are finest examples of reducing the quality of the original. Interludes in the remix songs are sometimes annoying.

The same goes with remake of movies. Don got remade to a decent level. But not ‘The Sholay’.  Ramgopal varma will be remembered for ages for the failure of making successful remake of Sholay.

Few of the remakes tend to show how the same story runs in the technically hi-fi world than nothing. But the movies by original may not require having these extra fittings.


‘Art is long. Life is short’ – But remakes make Art too short. A refinement is not guaranteed most of the time in remakes. Remakes are risky but seen as short cut to reach people. On the same token, we can not blame all remakes.

On all notes, Reduction of Quality of an art form is killing a soul of brain child of some great genius.

On the other note, even the biopics are of less quality in Indian cinema. The best biopic – I have seen in English movie world is ‘Gandhi’ and in Indian movie world is ‘Iruvar’(Tamil). All the other biopics failed to make justice.

Art is great. Need more care to handle.

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