Renounce your Role Model


Role Model


This might be something that you would’ve hardly come across. Your ears and mind are accustomed with exactly the opposite recommendation. While I was a teenager I too received similar suggestions from elders. ‘Have a role model. It’ll help you to shape your life and make your life goal oriented’, I was told then. Human mind is always in need of a hold, a path to follow. That is rather easier than making one. It requires less effort to follow a person, a tradition, a religious belief etc, than to allow inputs from every school of thought into the mental arena and to make better choices rationally.

Human mind is conditioned for an easy go. Having a role model eases the designing the blue print for one’s life. In fact the whole process reduces to a mere replication of the frame works of your model’s life – if you’re a sincere follower, just in case. Or else you make choices from what is available and probably choose whichever is either easier or convenient to adapt to your life.

This might sound a better arrangement. Less work, more gain, kind of. But this easier model comes with its own cons. When you decide to have someone as your role model and make yourself up to follow his/her path blindly, you miss the golden chance of being yourself. From the moment you begin to follow your role model’s ideologies up close, you as a sincere follower permit willingly your model to live your life. You could nowhere find ‘you ‘in your life, then, however a satisfied life you think you’re leading. Also there is a good chance of missing the opportunities of inheriting the goodness from other schools of thought, to which your model hasn’t subscribed to.




History has always clarified us one thing beyond doubt. People who fill the pages of history were all the ‘first themselves’. They were never stereotypic. They have sought everything and everyone around for inspiration. Napoleon, worn out of a transient defeat, who retired inside a cave gathered his inspiration from a hard working spider who build his web braving the challenges of nature, we read.

Once Osho in his reply to a disciple’s question on religion responded, “Every religion is a flower full of fragrance. While you’ve hundreds of flowers in the garden why do get satisfied with the fragrance of just one flower?”  This comment on religion fits aptly for the topic we ponder now.


Keep it open


We live in an era where motivational books sell like hot cakes in the publishing world. Every publishing house is desperately looking for a motivational guru who can better pen down his/her thoughts into a book. This trend caught up from the perception of the common psyche of the society, where every individual access life as a test and strongly believe such books are the essential guides to pass the test in distinction. This bunch can only make an intellectual (!) herd waiting for their guides’ nod.


No one can motivate you better than yourself


Be free. Free thinking hasn’t yet been criminalized. Keep your mind wide open to everything. No one can motivate you better than yourself. You’ll believe this the moment you experience it for yourself. Until then you’ll renounce my words as bluffs.


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