Requiem for Rajapaksa’s Presidency




There would’ve never been such anticipation for the election results of a neighbouring nation like the one for the Sri Lankan presidential election among Indian Tamils. Mahinda was a man whom no Tamil would neither forget nor forgive for the crime against Eelam Tamils during his regime. For an entire decade, the world had been oscillating in dilemma, whether f Mahinda’s rule was democratic or dictatorship in disguise. The Eelam uprising though has decades of history had taken serious turns and was crushed to ground by Sri Lankan army during his tenure. He is a man who is solely responsible for the genocide of Tamils in Lanka in the recent years. He might wash his hands and blame it on the LTTE but the world knows, even if he hasn’t been punished or tried for his war crimes by international justice, of his role in the genocide.

Even if one could argue that the events unfolded in the past, more specifically between 2007 and 2009 had been so due to the course of the war, his failure as the first man of the island nation to avert the genocide of his own citizens could never be justified. Having served for two terms, Rajapaksa got his country’s law- that allows a president to serve only twice- amended and called for an earlier election hoping to extend his power in the throne for four more years. He tried his best to win people’s heart despite his blood stained past.

Post war Lanka had almost secluded itself from the rest of the world and Rajapaksa never accepted to allow the international peace watchdog to inspect the relief camps his government had set up for the Eelam Tamils who had lost everything except their life. Few who managed to take a sneak peak of the camps had dubbed it nothing short of the Nazi Ghettos and were also functioned much like concentration camps. Tamil activists back in India were unable to pressurize the then NDA government in the center to interfere in the issue to save their brotherhood in Lanka. No other issue had found its way to the literary themes in Tamil language as intense as the Eelam issue.




This defeat of Mahinda has revealed the world of the irrefutable hatred that the Lankans had over their leadership. His plans have all been shattered. His fanciful words during his election campaigns were not powerful enough to save his dreams of running for a third term straight in the political history of the country. Even his tactics of involving glamorous attractions like Bollywood star Salman Khan didn’t work for him. Such transient attractions will never make people forget their bloodiest past. Rajapaksa and his family have begun to pay for their sins through this defeat. The next just move would be nothing else than he being tried for his war crimes in the international court.

May it dawn at last in Sri Lanka.


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