Revealing the secret of Yoga Day!


MODI: What is your advice for your successor?        MMS: Silence is not Silver. It is everything. Learn the power of Silence


MODI: Ji, Smriti has forged her certificates; MMS: Silence! Silence !! Learn the Power of Silence!


MODI: Singhji, Vasundra has created troble. Got money from Lalit Modi. MMS: Silence is the best remedy for all problems Narendra Bhai. Learn to be silent


MODI: Did Sushmaji not help black money Lalit Modi ? Rajnath Singh: It is a very small issue.


MODI: Too Many Problems, J&K Mufti is not hearing me, Farmers die because of land bill, Sushmaji, Smriti, Vasundra … etc MMS: Silence ! Silence !! Learn Silence Modiji. Be Calm! Be Cool!!


Atlast, I have learnt silence. Lets spread this to whole world. Thanks Singhji



We will observe Silence Day! Sorry, Yoga Day. Let’s think Yogi Manmohan Baba. Who did this Yoga for 10 years!

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  • Kya baat hai. Yoga is most important in life. Lovely Bed Sheets!
    Everything about that room is perfect!