The Rewind Button


Stress Management


Sometimes the cogwheels of our machines jam. We don’t know how to progress? Without knowing the reason how could you prepare to overcome it? The running machine sometimes gets struck. All one need to think about is the right lubricant to keep the thing running and spending time in searching for the reason may not be a wise choice to make at the first place. Saving the machine finds top priority.

Not everything that happens within the convolutions of our grey matter has specific reasons. In a way our brain is very similar to the fate of our machines. Psychologists may call it  mental block. Often our mental blocks are designed by our memories. The tapes of our past keep running in our mental screens round the clock. But what tapes do we run often. There is a tape filled with good moments and there is a tape full of unpleasant moments. Which of these do we choose often?

The common logic would drive you to choose the ‘good tape’. While pondering over what majority of us do most of the time will only puzzle us. Yes, we often chose exactly the opposite- the ‘bad tape’. We are the projectionist showing this ‘bad tape’ in our mental screens to ourselves. By letting this to happen to oneself every day, a person cultivates a big void that can’t be filled by anything. Happiness and sadness are the choices before us and we are free to choose any of these. Nothing is going to change that that has already happened. Yet our sadness is lethal for it is capacious to destroy ‘now’ – the irrevocable mental peace and happiness of the present moment, that which is full of life.


Stress Management

A mind that spends its time fretting knits a web around one’s persona and the web over time grows into an inescapable cage. The life in the cage is very dangerous for it will make you what you’re really not. It’ll change your personality, suck your hopes and fill the space with prejudices and misconceptions.

If you’re already in a cage and if the thought of getting out has become a worry by itself, take this tip. Just stop pressing the rewind button that takes you to the bitter moments of your past. Clear you mental cache and start anew. If you find it harder replace the ‘bad tape’ with the good one. Play it on and on.

Life gives you a thousand reasons to smile. Why trouble yourself with few reasons to worry about. Life is short my pal. You got no time to waste it worrying.



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