Rhythm of Life – II


That unknown angel had left him some unprecedented memories that he would cherish the rest of his life. Why did she say ‘Make a nice day while she left, instead of the usual, ‘have a nice day’? He was puzzled by it and he started contemplating over it.

As he was back to his stand he continued his empty day from where he had left before the ride. But now he had some warm memories to munch on and something worthy to think about. ‘Make a nice day’, he thought of her words over and over. After few minutes it flashed in his mind. Yes! That’s it. All days that we face in our life are nice, always, and nothing of them is bad. So it’s inappropriate to greet someone to have a nice day. Instead it’s through our acts and deeds we ought to make them. Crafting a nice day is in the hands of every individual. ‘That’s what she would’ve meant’ he said to himself.

The sun bid adieu to the earth. Daiko had just a single ride for the whole day. But he had realized something worthy for all his life. ‘I’ve made a nice day today, the first of it’s kind in my life’, he said to himself.

He started his way home to his apartment. It had started to rain. On his way he saw a pregnant woman. She was unable to walk fast so as to escape from getting wet. He stopped his cab near her and signaled her to get in. She rushed in without waiting for a second. She pulled a long face and told him that she had nothing to pay him.

He smiled and said, ‘That’s ok. Just say where your residence is’. An inexplicable sense of joy bloomed in her face.

She told him her address; with the surprise still lingering in her face. It was on Daiko’s way home. He ignited his cab. On the way he told his name and learnt her’s was Okimi.

While she got down she told him, ‘I owe you a lot. Thank you sir’.

He accepted it with his smile and told her, ‘Make a nice day and May god bless your baby’ and moved on. The rain had stopped by now and the sky was clear than before.

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