Rhythm of Life – I


The day didn’t have a good start for Daiko. From the morning this young driver had not got a single ride to start his day. “Is there no one who needs a cab ride in this busy Tokyo morning?” he asked himself. He wondered how he would repay the due that he had loaned from the bank, if days went like these. That very thought drove him to the edge of frustration.

Biting his nails Daiko was waiting in his cab as time melted. It was a sunny noon. But his mind was not set to enjoy the warmth and the beauty of the day. All he wanted was a call from a soul, for a ride. He hated staying idle in the same place without working. Finally to start his day he heard a call, while the clock‘s hands met at two in the afternoon. It sounded as though it was a call from heaven, to him.

She was a Chinese girl, about 25. She had a fresh face with a permanent benevolent smile in her lips. ‘She ought to be a tourist’ he thought. She crossed the road and headed towards his taxi. “Good afternoon sir. Can you take me to the nearest Chinese restaurant? Well, I’m new to the city and I missed my travel guide too”, she said courtly.

He had been driver for quite a long time. But Daiko never was greeted with words of this degree of politeness. He sat still in his seat for a moment, and then was soon backing to normalcy. “With pleasure madam”. But a decent one is about five kilometers from here, he said. ‘Is that ok for you?’ he added. ‘That’ll be fine!’ she replied cheerfully with a blooming smile. During the journey, she kept talking about her and the purpose of visiting Japan. She used the word sir every now and then while she spoke.

Daiko was having an exceptional day with his passenger. Never in his life had he felt that, loving yet simple courteous words would elicit such a marvelous reaction in the hearts of fellow human beings. While she was leaving, she greeted him with the same softness saying, ‘Thank you sir. Take Care and make a nice day.’

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