Royal Baby – Turbo Boost to Business in UK


Royal Baby

Couple of years ago the Royal wedding of Prince William & Kate became the best royal wedding after the Wedding of Charles & Diana. It attracted the public that it became one of the most viewed wedding in Television history. Data tells us that there were around 70 million views including the Youtube views of the official royal channel.  Following the marriage Kate Middleton attained stardom status akin to her mother-in-law Princess Diana. We also had the media light shining on  Pippa Middleton, the sister of Kate.

From the day the news of pregnancy of Kate William was announced the media feeds in UK pressed the ‘refresh button’ and filled their pages of magazines and dailies as well as the airing time in TV covering the news of the same.

The official announcement of the birth of the Royal Boy, yesterday, was carried by a town crier sporting his traditional costume in front of the Lindo wing of the St.Mary’s Hospital, where the entire world media had foregathered. The announcement stated that a healthy boy was born as the Royal heir, at 4.24 pm BST. Britons commercial sector took this ‘Royal’ opportunity to revive their business and milk the media frenzy infected public in the best ways possible.

Soon after the Duchess went into labor busy betting over the might-be name of the, to be born heir was also witnessed in the backyards, unofficially, of course. This public craze was in fact triggered by the Media hype   which has already met with heavy criticism from the republican side. But the royal loyalists have over looked this censure as they were busy planning their celebrative parties.

The hullabaloo over the birth of little prince has sent ripples around, that it has literally stolen the front page of almost every popular daily all over the world, regardless of the language.   Back in UK the just-born accessories business is at full throttle. Along with it the gift shops have seen a notable steep in their business. Given the citizens in celebrative mood, the British retail outlets have decided to cash on the situation which has already started to reap the fruits. Business analysts predict a positive £ 243mn, leap in the business between June and August this season.

Books, News papers, Magazines, Tabloids along with souvenirs are expected to bag, together, a profit of around £80mn, in this season alone. The royal lineage might have seen this occasion as an economic revival besides considering it as just another royal celebration. We live in days where celebration is synonymous to consumption of alcohol. Yes, an estimated amount of £ 87mn is spent so far on celebrations of which a major share was on alcohol.

The tag “Royal Baby” has attained the super star status over night in internet searches. This is similar in case of Twitter and Facebook activities. For those who’re not ready to believe the astrological predictions that are already going strong about the heir, the good news is Business in Briton is going good.  The debate on ‘to be or not to be in the EU tent’ may rest for a while, as the media focus will be pinned on the little prince in UK.

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