Rs 11 per Day Keeps Subsidies Away: MODI FACT #1


It was mocked by every citizen of the nation, when the outspoken Planning commission chief of India, Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia said this thing. The Media had no hesitation to hit back at him. Bit, now, the media thinks twice before hitting back on the Modi Figure, which says that Rs 11 per day keeps the citizen in India’s Gujrat above the poverty line.

The finance Minister of the nation, P Chidambaram stated categorically that Ahluwalia figures are not taken care for most of the central government measures. But the Modi supporters did not go on Chidambaram way – instead attributed the central government and planning commission for zeroing at the figure. They quote the letter by Modi to Prime minister.


Letters to PM are of no use and if the power is under purview of you, numbers can be changed – this is what Karnataka and Tamil Nadu did. Gujrat has not done this.


The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu even did influence the Center on External affairs. She did send back players from Sri Lanka back to their home. But Gujarat Chief Minister fails to change even the numbers. He may need to learn from Jaya.


The Bottomline of the story is Modi’s government wanted the Subsidies to be cut based on RS.11 mark. The Gujarat Government used not latest figures, instead uses 2004 baseline of planning commission. The Planning commission panel did clarify in 2011 and did change some figures. The Governments like Delhi, AP and Gujrat did not take a note of it. The unfortunate thing is the Prime Minister aspirant’s government is unaware of happenings and announcements of the planning commission.


Mr. Mohandas Pai says the numbers can be changed and the state has the right to do it. Seems Modi is more than Mr Ahluwalia. Perhaps as time goes on Mr. Modi may make India rich by making RS 0 mark as poverty line mark.


This puts a basic thought in the mind of on-lookers that Modi is no way different from BJP at least in Economics.


We need India free from BJP and Congress.

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