It is a welcome move to call all South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries for swearing in ceremony of the Prime minister elect of world’s largest democracy.

India has very interesting neighbors. India is considered to be arrogant by most of her neighbors. Nepalese consider India as a land grabber while Sri lankans feel India as big brother.

Pakistan is arch rival for India from the day she born out of her. Bangladeshi hard liners doesn’t want to align with India.

India saw a major shift in external affairs when Mr.Gujral, the former short lived united front government prime minister took over the government. The Main Intention of Gujral is to help the neighbors and make them as friends. But Still India failed. Indira’s External affairs policies are considered to be reflection of her arrogance is what appreciated by most Indians.

India has failed in External affairs since the days of Jawahar lal Nehru, first prime minister of Independent India.

But there were days getting smoother for good relation between Pakistan and India. The present head of state of Pakistan, Mr. Sherif invited then Prime Minister Manmohan singh for swearing in. But the media and hard line Hindu nationalists did not like it. The situation did not allow Mr Singh to go for the ceremony.

BJP stated “Terror and Talks cannot go together”. There was too much of internal pressure pushed the moves to bring better relations with Pakistan to back seat. The previous government, which was a coalition government failed to tackle the internal pressure.

Even Sri Lanka, which has very bad human rights record considered India as big brother. Pro-Tamil eelam leaders like VAIKO were too much boldly against Mr.Singh’s government are now begging Mr.Modi to reconsider the invite to Mr. Rajapakse, executive president of Sri Lanka.

We cannot full heartedly appreciate this move. There was a saying Vajpayee gave Bus (Delhi to Lahore) and got Kargil back.

We cannot change geography. But BJP when it was at opposition camp – never understood it. We need to build good friendly neighbors.

Let’s welcome the move. Let’s think, at least  next time, when BJP sits at opposition camp, it would act with maturity.

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