Saffron brigade wants India under Hindu Nationalism



Dr Manmohan Singh may be happy if he is not going to be asked to hold the chair of Prime minister after the May of 2014. But Congress likes to retain the chair. Probably the new occupant, it foresees is the reluctant prince of ruling Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi, the son of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and present political head for Ruling United Progressive alliance Sonia Gandhi. But reality looks not too good for the Indian National Congress. The present regime witnessed large scale scams in the history of the nation.

But Congress hopes it can come back, probably by the blunders of Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) the prime opponent in the parliament.

BJP has done very unique things in the past. BJP ministers of Karnataka did view porn in the legislative assembly, Vidhan sabha at Bangalore while the session was under progression.

BJP is the first party to organize triggering the demolition historical Babri Masjid to shatter the secularism of the country.Pro-BJP supporters killed Christian volunteers in Odisha. BJP distanced itself from the event. After the events against Christian movements, the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) broke alliance with BJP.

BJP is trying to project the Hindu hardliner Modi as the future prime minister with his development agenda. The first causality it faced was breakage of alliance with Samatha Party. Samatha calls for Neutral leader.

BJP is again voicing for Hardline Hindutuva. The Ram Temple at Ayodhya is the voice of Amit Shah the campaign leader for BJP, Uttar Pradesh region.

There are already third and fourth fronts coming into picture in Indian election year. Mulayam Singh of Uttar Pradesh’s Samajwadi Party with Left parties wants a secular front. Mamatha Banerjee of Tirunamool Congress of West Bengal with Nithish Kumar of Samatha Party and Biju patnaik of Odisha’s BJD is ready to form a federal front.

Congress is happy about the happenings. But it still keeps its fingers crossed. BJP can easily spoil its own Party. Others can help Congress to come back.

At this moment we have Swami Ramdev – a self appointed crusader against Corruption endorsing Modi. Looks hardline Hindutuva craves for a come back. The Saffron brigade thinks Modi can make it easily. The RSS – Rashtriya Swyam Shevak Sang, the conceptual hindutuva apolitical movement of the nation feels Modi is the best choice.

But this game plan may bring back Congress and might disturb India’s internal harmony.

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