Sahithya Academy: Silencing the storm ?


Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, who was writer by himself, chaired the Sahithya Academy. Pandit was called to be center left or socialist for his thoughts. A man who did not worry much about god and religion but headed a nation which believes god tagged to religion.

India was complex until Modi took over the office of Prime minister – Now, India is complicated. The Image of India’s ruling brigade going against the minorities including dalits are getting noticed and becoming news of every week.

The Right wing journalist and long term supporter of Hindutuva BJP, Ms. Tavleen Singh has stated “Enough of Hindutuva” (

Long Term Friend of BJP: Ms. Tavleen Singh

But Ms. Singh is not with writers on returning the Sahithya Academy Awards. Sahithya Academy finally and officially condemned the moves against the writers. Few of the writers who were respected by the academy was attacked or killed by religious fundamentalists. Though Law and order falls under the ambit of state governments, the raise of mercury in the blood of majority religion fundamentalists seems to be high at least to an extent.

India is home of millions of Hindus. Hindus constitute approximately 80% of the nation. Hinduism  is the majority religion. Hindutuva sentiments are sensitive. Few of BJP supporting authors including Ms. Tavleen calls the prime minister to switch the gear for development.

Pandit Nehru

The writers who are minimal in numbers and part of liberals in the society are facing huge restrictions. Perumal Murugan’s Madhu-oru-bagan (One Part Female) was taken from shelves after the content of it was objected. Kalburgi was killed in the southern state of Karnataka, where Congress is in power. Rational thinkers are either shot dead or attacked in the recent past.

Sahithya Academy is an autonomous body – but its payroll falls under the national government. The latest meeting convened by Sahitya academy seems to be a move to silence the authors.

Sahithya Academy has no authority to dictate the PM’s office. But the protests by the writers are symbolic and now it seem to be approved by the literary body.

At last Sahithya Academy spoke ! And the Winner is “None”!


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  • Mr Modi has made the country a terrible muddle. E M Forster had called India by that name. Nehru did his best to clear some of that muddle. Modi has brought back more of it. Even his friends, or friends of his party, are deserting him. Not only Ms Singh, but people like Arun Shourie are disappointed.