Sans Sanskrit ? Sans India ?

”Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu”

Sanskrit is the Greek and Latin of Sub-continent. Undoubtedly, it is a language of richness.

The New government in New Delhi tries its level best for resurrecting the language of glorious past. The only language which was equally contemporary and more alive than Sanskrit is Tamil. ‘Sanskrit week’ was called by the new central government. There were oppositions. Kendriya Vidyalayas very clear in not removing Sanskrit while bringing foreign language options.

Bringing back Sanskrit is a nice move. Sanskrit is mother of most European language per few researches. Sanskrit is more scientific than any language of the past.



Sanskrit has multi dimensions. For Few, Sanskrit is Hindu language. The present government has the same perspective. For Few, Sanskrit is rich in literature and a great language.  For Few, Sanskrit is Aryan and Non-Dravidian.

But though all the above may be true. The other important truth is Sanskrit has very less takers. Sanskrit is a language of past and not alive today mostly.

Sanskrit is political too. For Hindu nationalists, it is a Hindu pride. For Dravidian parties, it is a language of Aryan invasion.

On the entire note, while the world is fast moving we are losing our own culture and tradition. But bringing back Sanskrit is not a simple task. We can think on other direction – the longest living language of the nation is Tamil and Kannada. They have to be safeguarded. There should not be the story of Sanskrit for these languages.File:Om (Tamil).png

There was a case filed against Sanskrit week in Chennai high court. The Aryan Brahmin Chief Minister of Tamil nadu – Jeyalalitha did not like Sanskrit week. That is the specialty of Dravidian politics.

Dravidian politics hates Sanskrit and Hindu politics hates Tamil. But both these languages are great languages and has to be preserved for generations to come. Tamil deserve the same royal patronage Sanskrit can enjoy. Moreover Tamil is still alive, so it can take more advantage.

“Every Life is to live happily” (meaning of the quote at the beginning of article).

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