Santa in Blue?


Hello folks. Wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. When I say Christmas, immediately a red dressed Santa comes to my mind (with a coke in hand of course). Thanks to the American Ads. I was thinking that Santa Claus was from America and was dressed in Red as popularized in the Coke ad. But I was too surprised to know that the origin of Santa was actually from Belgium where I moved in.

Sinterklass or Saint Nicholas was a Christian bishop from Europe who used to give generous gifts to the children and poor. He was wearing a blue hooded wear and not Red. In Belgium, Sinterklass day is celebrated on 6th Dec and children get presents in this day. Sinterklass became Santa Clause during later years.

Thomas Nast was an American cartoonist (caricaturist to be exact) who drew the modern version of Red Santa and it became very popular in TVs and Books. This is the start of Red Santa.

Coke used Santa as its signature figure since 1920 during Christmas and over the period of time Santa was modernized and a full fledged animated Santa was created by Coke in 2001.

Sometimes, we get so used to a change that the original may not seem appealing anymore. Santa story is the same. Blue dressed Sinterklass’s modernized change was the red dressed Santa but the latter becomes more appealing and stuck to mind.

Blue or Red, Santa is always the best.


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