Save the Internet: Netizens’ Cry!


“There is no neutrality in journalism. But voice for the need and voice less” – Almost these are the words once Vinodh Mehta of Outlook said once. That is the real truth. No can be neutral but everyone should need space.

Now, the world is in cyberspace. There is a danger for cyber space. Netizens would not like. But big bosses may like. Cyberspace in India is speaking about Net-neutrality in a nation where neutrality is difficult to achieve.


TRAI is seeking information and advice from many corners as the issue is with telecom sector. Smart phones are the handy window for Internet these days. Smart phones consider being a great advantage as it keeps your network alive via your internet and telephone network. Net Apps are mostly preferred. This is not good news for all telecom providers.

Telecom giants are reportedly trying to disturb the level playing field of Apps. Biggies may easily get an edge over the small app developers. The Level playing field is a democratic right in a nation and in a virtual nation. The same issue was faced by US long back. India may like to learn lessons from it.
It is need of the hour to save the companies who rely on revenue from App development. If this is not done, we would be under the hands of monopoly in few years easily. TRAI has to take the decision cautiously.

I have too many friends in the field of mobile development. They are keenly following these news daily and discussing over breaks. I am not part of their teams but we all are watching these.

Let’s hope for the best. I hope, my friends would be happy at the end of the story. The bottomline, cyberspace is democratic right of every one.

Democracy should prevail.

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  • Great write-up!

  • Nice writeup. Airtel clarified to us about its net neutral stand. If you want to use apps either you pay or the app provider should pay. Then why are we paying for the internet. Let them make internet free.