Say No to Video Piracy

Would you rob a bank? You won’t

Would you steal a car? You won’t

Or at least would you sneak into a house and steal the households? You won’t

But still I am 90% sure that you are an outlaw. Because you would have watched at least one movie in a pirated disc.

Video Piracy is also a serious crime and it prevails because there is a huge audience for that – none of them has guilt.

Why? The usual answers given are,

  • The movie is not worth enough to be spent some bucks to be watched in a cinema. (Even behind a crap movie there is an equal amount of hard work and so don’t criticize the movie before watching it in theater.)
  • The ticket prices are high (Not exactly but if a whole family wants to see then I agree)
  • The quality of the pirated disc is so good that you get almost a cinema experience at home (Seriously!!!  Our guys need quality is everything including piracy J)
  • I don’t have to strain myself to go to a cinema hall (Lazy bums)


Can this video piracy be completely destroyed?

If I say YES, then either I am out of my mind or I am dreaming.

But, I think if we do the following, there might be a slight change in India

To my dear cine industry persons –

Introduce the concept of releasing the original DVDs and Blurays within a month or two like overseas

Introduce the concept of releasing the original online stream within a month or two like overseas

Market movies for a cinema experience. Not too sure how but may be use 3D frequently.

Most importantly directors can take extremely good movies that run not more than 100 minutes so that more shows can be screened during the opening weekend

To my dear lazy bums –

*********************** (censored )

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