In search of Che!


It was a casual tea talk with friends of mine, when I was in eighth grade . For the first time, I heard his name – Comrade Ernesto Che Guevara. He was the first icon introduced to me not by movies, cricket or my nation’s politics.

Need for Che is everywhere. But need for Gandhi is more stressed than that of Che for quite safer reasons. On the same note, I have respect for the father of the Indian nation.

When Che was introduced, I was not aware of his fashion appeal, but over time I learned, people who can no way understand the ideology use the iconic face of Che, posing him on their t-shirts and accessories.

Che was not just a communist leader or a revolutionary. Che was a lesson and  a rare treasure to understand the capitalist world and was a brave soldier to fight for the truth with no fear for death. He was a rare breed.

Che was not a communist who could confine within any boarderor strict principles of a methodology. Che might have worked inside the framework, because that was the only one which can suit him.

Che saw things in black and white. Che was a messiah for third world workers. Che was trying to bring the required spring against the capitalism. Cuban liberation was just a tip of ice berg.

Understanding Che was not that difficult to me. He was simply defined to me. He was defined to me by his own quote “If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are comrade of mine”.

On a honest note, I am trying to be under the safety net and raising the voice with permissible limits of mine.

Now days, we speak about development which is equated to industrial growth of the nation than agrarian growth or the safety of workers of the nation.

We Indians are hard working where very minimal safety is provided. We are driven towards money but we are not able to remember – sharing the wealth and sharing the scarcity are the best principles of economy.  United we will win and divided we are defeated.

Another birthday of change is gone. But not the need for Che persists.


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