Secret of Happiness : Daily Walk


Hello Readers. I had an interesting quick chat with one of the youths recently. Yes, he is 70 years old by record but more fit and healthy than many of the 40s and 50s.

I offered him a delicious Gulab Jamoon to celebrate the birth of my little one. He just took 1/4 of the spoon. I asked, Uncle do you have Diabetes? He replied No, just that I went walking only for 30 minutes today instead of 60 minutes. It was like a slap on my face. I already had 3 jamoons and I don’t even remember the last time I went for a proper walk.

Unable to control my curiosity I initiated a chat on this topic hesitantly, Uncle do you walk everyday?

With a huge laugh, he said Of course. He continued, Look Son, Walking is not only my health regime but also my passion and habit. I get up at 4 am, prepare my tea and put it a flask. Go for a 60 min walk along marina beach and reach home back by 5 ish and have my tea. This is my everyday work. I go walking with an objective of walking unlike many who claims that they walk indirectly when they go for shopping or when they climb stairs to office etc.

Me – Since when you are having this habit Uncle?

Uncle – I cultivated this habit very late ( my mind voice thought 40s or 50s). Only after my 25th birthday I started this daily walk (my mind voice went in mute). Initially it was fun, then it became a habit. The first thing I do when I travel somewhere out of town is to pack my Nike walking shoe. I had an heart attack when I was 60 after which I increased my daily walking from 30 min to 60 min to stay more healthy (I was shocked)

Me – Do you ever take off?

Uncle – For office, Yes, at times. But for walk, never. At least I try to go for 30 minutes if not for 60 minutes.

Is a strict daily walk so very important? I did my research and my findings are,

Walk must always be without any other purpose like the Uncle said. A proper 30 – 60 min walk daily does some amazing things to you. Medically speaking, it reduces your heart issues and in particular helps you recover from diabetes. Physically, It tones your body, keeps your weight under control, increase your stamina and supplies you energy. But above all these known facts one hidden but the most important psychological factor is that, Walking make you Happy. Yes, studies prove that intensive walking acts as antidepressants. Wow.

I am able to hear your mind voices now. It must be Easier said than done 😉 

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