Sex and the Indian Media

Khajuraho: Temple of Sex

Khajuraho: Temple of Sex

The Land which gave Kamasutra to the world teaches no sex in education. Sex is again a commodity in Indian media.

Cultural policing in India can go to any level which cannot be imagined.  An Indian movie explains an event happened in a so called ‘IT Cosmopolitan’ Bangaluru, where friends of different sex were compelled to tie thread of brotherhood. It is really not cultural policing – it is cultural terrorism.

But Media plays the role with no problem. How Indian media plays it safe is a different story to be dealt.

But really – is India media educating India in sex? while Indian formal education system has no say in this interesting subject.


Two of the most circulated national English weekly magazines – The Outlook and The India Today delivers annual survey on the mood of the nation in the blue subject. Surprisingly, one of the magazine out of the two is pro-saffron.

But most feel, the accompanying pictures makes more business then really the numbers. The report is news with projected data. The media houses try to make business but not to educate people in the interesting field is a criticism by few.

The other side of the story is pretty different, Indian men meet women via internet is merely 43 % until this year, while India stay as back office for most IT business of the world.

Indian women on an average need at least 20+ minutes of foreplay. India is placed at number 2 in Top 5 countries on this expectation from men.

On any note, Indian media is not having any formal initiative increase sex education. There were measures by small regional magazines to improve sex education in the nation too failed miserably.

For the Indian media houses, Page 3 and sex are becoming prime commodities. Few of the magazines still forget remember there can be other pages in the magazine.

India need honest magazines then magazines just speak what you like. More than any sub-continent countries, India needs sex education as it tops AIDS prone nations. Truck drivers are major victims. probably, regional media jumping into this may be fruitful.

Let’s educate India in sex. We are land of Kamasutra.

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