I dedicate this article to the two most enriching women in my life, my mother and my best friend Deeksha.

While HE is just a Human Entity, SHE is a Strong Human Entity (or read Super Human Entity). The entire essence of womanhood and what it empowers can be found in these two pronouns. He is a part of She. He comes from She. The hardcore beauty of the pronoun She is this: Savior of “He”. And we men boast of an ego which has taken birth in a womb and ruthlessly abuse it to exploit and manipulate her. That which is born in her, nourished in her, protected in her, yes, this bloody male ego, is ultimately used against her. What an irony, what a shame!

I therefore refer to these strong, independent women as She and use another minimalistic yet powerful pronoun Her to further describe their essence.

Strong. Independent. Self-respecting. Hardworking. Inquisitive.3508e173ad1e08aabd1d84b906fad7a6

These attributed to a woman instills deadly fear in today’s patriarchal society. A man doesn’t fear a life threatening circumstance as much as he fears a strong woman. She is intrepid and likes to question baseless authority. Subservience was her acquaintance who is now forgotten. Independence is her best friend and freedom her partner. As she grew up, she formed a gang. The members were She and her strength, inquisition, independence, freedom, self-respect and courage. A classic mafia that was formed to overthrow atrocious male-dominant system that inflicted ruthless abuse and conniving manipulations to make her obsequious.

She and her mere existence is at once a thing of ethereal beauty and inexplicable intimidation. Such an intimidation is endearing and lovable, if experienced the right way. Otherwise, we all know what the word intimidation means. She walks with an air of sublime and confident domination. Much to our surprise, this domination seeks to love, guide and understand us. It is our imbecilic misery that we feel such a domination threatening and at once reciprocate it with egoistic adversity. She understands, we “Mis(s)”understand. If you devote your undiluted attention, her presence will welcome you in ways you cannot expect and explain. For God has blessed every woman with motherhood, a divinity beatified in bringing a creation into this world. If we take a step toward her respect, she will take ten with love. Every drop in an ocean counts toward making it. So is every action of hers. Simone de Beauvoir had aptly put it, “One is not born a woman, but becomes one”.  We men play a crucial role in shaping what her. What we make of her, a nurturer or a destroyer, is in our hands.

She can think for herself and loves to get together with her freedom often to decide what is good for her. The two, she and her freedom, are inseparable. Her freedom has unveiled her independence that was long concealed by the malicious conspiracies of the male society. It’s like her freedom has revealed this secret to her, of the existence of an omnipotent force inside her which will become her true voice. She will then speak the truth, even if her voice shakes. We have for eons subdued this force. It has now fragmented those shackles that has restrained her. We believed we had crucified her on the cross of dominance. She had sacrificed herself for us wretched souls. She has asked the Father to forgive us. She embodied Jesus Christ. And then, she was resurrected. That magnanimous courage has now become her blood that runs through her veins. She is no longer the subject of male preeminence but is the object of a beloved self-cultivated competence. She has transformed, physically, emotionally, fundamentally, spiritually and subjectively.

She no longer needs our domineering, brazen guardianship. Her rebellion is her very act of existence. Equipped with the formidable weapon of sarcasm, she delivers a sweet blow that will leave us with an after taste for years. For that blow would be so incapacitating, so discombobulating, for an indefinite time, we will prove our ignorance right by mistaking her insult for a compliment. She will be the new playboy. Bold and beautiful will become the order of the day. She settles things with you way before you even whine about it on social media. In fact, you will be dealt with so suavely that whining will be left a word you read in a dictionary. Charming and charismatic. Her opinion will weigh heavier on the balance of choice in marriages and relationships. Her partner(s) will be respected and adored; her children will become an epitome of unbiased, open-minded and caring individuals. Man proposes, She disposes.

Yet, she is not without weaknesses and vulnerabilities. But, unlike a commonplace entity, she will not resort to gossiping and social media to vent her anger. She arbitrates the matters mano-a-mano. She negotiates terms and makes enough room for healthy argument. She puts her word on the table as impartially as possible. She may be wrong and she will be, for she is human. But her grace is dignified in the solidarity of her association with the truth. Veracity will freed from the cages of malfeasance and released a free bird into the welcoming skies of justice. There will be no room left for contemptible guile and sympathy. They will die an abject death, condemned to the darkest prisons of neglect. Her vulnerabilities therefore will not devitalize her. Her ability to tackle her vulnerabilities will become her reinforcement, her skeleton. Her weaknesses will dissolve in her strengths. Male ego will cry uncle.


Treasure her, this piece of eternal beauty. She’s priceless to the order of infinity. Womanhood has to be divorced from female foeticide. Let her walk into our lives and enrich us in ways we can only imagine. Let her mysterious ways enchant our fascination. Let her mysticism evoke that strong urge of understanding her better than ever before. Remember, their unrelenting love and affection keeps us afloat in this sea of existential anguish.


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