Sheema Jha – The Little Lata of India


Having friends all across India eats most of my time in seeing tons of you tube recommendations from my friends. This time, a recommendation came from Uttar Pradesh friend. He hails from Lucknow and is much interested in arts and literature. A perfect fit for my discussions. He is aware of both south and north Indian history. It is difficult to find such a person. On the other hand, I have friend who is more North Indian and campaigns for HINDI and HINDU ideologue.

This particular recommendation asked me to see a series of you-tube videos of a program called ‘XFACTOR India’, which was judged by Shreya Ghosal — one of my favorite singer; Sonu Nigam – one more of my favorite singer and Sanjay Leela Bansali – Hindi film director.

The recommendation did have a note for me to carefully listen to Seema Jha’s voice, the Youngest of the participants in the given season.

I did hear few of the songs – it literally remembered me the voice of Latha Mangeskhar. She did sing Latha Manageskhar’s songs.

I was more impressed by the song, Ae Dile Nadan, Lata Mangeshar song from film portraying Razia Sultan’s life. This song was sung by seventeen year old Delhite Seema Jha with no effort. An impressive splendid personality of music industry has been found.

I did hear Seem singing this at least half a dozen of times over my last weekend from you-tube. The new TV shows open lot of avenues to every common Indian. This is more appreciable.

The Judges of the show did a very fair job. Sheema looks simple in look and talented while singing. The New lata has born.She sings very naturally. Ae Dile Nadan became favorite and close to my heart. I thank my friend for recommending.

Even when she sings with no music, I fell in love her voice — also felt that such an amazing talent should not be wasted.

I later got more recommendations from my south Indian friends to hear Alka & Parwathi from Malayalee and Tamil TV talent hunt programs.

Well, new talents are poping up, thanks to TVs.