Shifting from Waterfall to Agile

Agile Scrum framework

Agile Scrum framework

Information Technology (IT) is my bread and butter. From day one, I am seeing gradual changes in Information Technology industry. The change is on technology, process, marketing and even in the pattern of thinking.

Shifting from one technology to other is really not that hard task. I have changed my technology whenever I felt it was a need. I joined IT as a tester and I am now a designer and a coordinator ( I hate the word lead or manager).

I have to work with personalities of different thinking patterns. The old guard and new champions are part and parcel of all the teams I worked with.


I am seeing a difficulty for the old guards, for that matter – even comparatively new champs find it difficult to change the pattern of thinking.

A change in process, its related thought and execution style is not welcomed. It is natural. One of my managers did even mention – Indians has difficulty moving to agility. I am not subscribing to his thought. On the same note, repulsions are understandable.

I am in a team where the managers are from old guard team and almost all the developers were taught in waterfall model with a couple of exceptions. But the business team needs delivery in agile scrum mode.

I have to make the poles meet and clearly I am pro agile and I believe it suits me. I think agile is better when you are not aware of the future.

Agile gives confidence to stake holders who are visibly seeing the results at end of every sprint (in my case a three ways of working days).

I am not facing a downfall at the end but I am able to learn from the mistakes from the day one. As my agile coach said – it is the way bringing a kid in dutch way. But the kids(team) are Indians.

Agile is not a danger. It is not a hard and fast rule book – It honors your thought process and gives a framework to play with it.

Agile seems to be more democratic. Agile is not hierarchical.

Adapting to the changing fast world is the best way to go along with business.


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