The Silent Observers- Part – II

The Silent Observers-IIHome is the first school for every child, girl or boy. The members of the family are the immediate teachers to the child who keep teaching them inadvertently 24X7 (A bit surprising and ironical, though). The world of a child and that of an adult are completely different. They have very few aspects in common. The adult world is matured, logically comprehensible and experienced. The innocence is a lost treasure in the adult world.

In contrast, the world of a child is carefree, innocent, immature, and lack the ability to comprehend logically (not as better as an adult). Therefore, they just imitate whatever they see. Elders often under estimate their observing capacity and feel free do or talk anything in their presence. They think the kids are not too smart to grasp them. The reality however defies their notion. Today’s kids are too smart. The media exploits their level of exposure to the world in an unprecedented level. The fact to be noticed is that this exposure is unguided and therefore dangerous.

Elders always compare their childhood mentalities with that of today’s kids, which of course is irrelevant. We often tend to forget the generation gap varies as years pass. A decade ago I felt that a generation gap might mean a time period of 7-10 years. But, today I realize it to be less than five years, out of practical experience. Kids now are totally different from us, and in no way we should compare their childhood with that of our’s.

Taking advantage of their age and innocence, we go about with our usual conversations and activities, ignoring their presence. We exemplify the code of communication to them and they just stick on to our ways, assuming them to be ideal examples. Most of the time, investigating problematic children might mostly lead us only to the inappropriate milieu of their family. Nothing pleasant could be expected from a child, who is denied of the love and care, he/she deserves. A child coming from a happy family, with proper guidance, are mostly find themselves among the bunch of ‘goody-goody kids’.  The behavior of a child is not solely determined genetically, but also by the environment in which the child is brought up.


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