The Silent Observers – Part -III

quotes-about-parenting-2In any family system, the young depend on their parents. Their life is bounded firmly with their parents. Everything in their life is decided by their parents on their behalf. In this world full of hurry, one has to run from poll to post, to win the bread for his family. Working parents keep themselves busy, accumulating wealth for the welfare of their children. Yet, a tender heart of a kid craves for love and not for wealth. A kid can not understand, for its age and maturity, what money means. Parents often fail to realize that it is their presence that makes a child happier than anything else. They try to fill their absence with things that money can buy.

In fact, parents often thrust kids with gadgets, so that they don’t realize their absence. Nevertheless, a child always wishes to stay close to their beloved ones. The forced seclusion leaves them only with lifeless gadgets in company. Mostly it happens to be Television and cell phones.

The Silent observers -III

 My pal’s cute daughter is too naughty and playful. She would always tail her mom while she is busy with her daily chores. My pal was not able to – no one else, in fact- tackle both off these at once. The kid got her mom’s smart phone as her toy. She had TV out of her choice, thanks to the power cuts. Now she, a 27 months old infant, is able to choose her favourite song track from the play list and play it. It left me speechless, while I learnt that she also knows to pause, change the volume, and stop the track. She had learnt half the controls of that player before even going to the play school.

Mean while, over a casual talk with one of my colleagues, whose son is in 12th grade now, sadly shared his inefficacy of controlling over his son’s over usage of mobile phone. I could realize a formless thread linking these two events. I’m sure, as a reader, you might also second me.

Concisely, “Our children don’t do what we say them to do. Instead they only do what they see us doing”.

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