The Silent Observers – Part – I

Sanju is a rollicking eight-year-old boy who would win anyone by his charm. His mom helped him with his studies. The boy loved every subject except history. It was she, who has to pester him, when it comes to history. On one such days she was asking questions to little Sanju to get him ready for the next day’s test. The boy blinked and was hunting for answers every now and then. She got exhausted at a point and said in a raised tone,

“Sanju, do you know who Shajagan is?” The boy just shook his head. Mom got tensed and yelled, “Are you aware that you’ve exams tomorrow? Watch over your studies. Be careful boy.”

The boy kept quite. “Mom, do you know who Reethu aunty is?” he asked casually. Mom almost lost her patience. “Why on earth are you asking this now? I know no Reethu.” The boy replied, “Don’t you know who she is? Well then, watch over your husband.” Mom was stunned.

This might sound so funny to us. However, looking keenly into the underlying truth demands some serious thinking. Will a boy of this age speak such things by himself? A sure NO will be our reply. Then where else would this kid have learnt this? We meet kids talking beyond their age quite frequently these days. The children in our homes are no exceptions.

The Silent Observers- I

How have you learnt things while you were a child? Do you remember? Any child learns everything by imitation. The first 3-5 years of childhood is the most crucial period of learning in whole of ones life, we learn from child psychologists. Every child learns, both good and bad alike, only by observing his/her environment and the persons around.

The mental maturity of the children progresses at a rapid rate. Their intelligence, observing capacity, logical thinking and more importantly the worldly exposure has astonishingly increased over the past decade. Parenting has indeed become a challenge in this digital era. Parents and kids keep complaining each other. The gap glaringly widens. Is there any problem with our parenting?   Being parents, could one do something, to set this straight? Yes, there is.


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  • Nice article , as a mother it gives useful tips for me !!!! good job

  • mytheen

    the boy said casually but it was serious problem for his family .be aware