Single Men & Women: Indian Politics’ New Wedding


India is now approaching to see yet another election. This time, India is seeing the dominance of Singles. The 40+ Prince of Indian National Congress is a bachelor fighting against Gujarati Bachelor Narendra Modi for becoming Prime Minister of the nation.

On the Other hand, Mamta Banerjee – recommended by Anna Hazare for Prime Minister chair is another bachelor. There is nothing to say about the ambition of the chief minister of Tamil Nadu – J.Jeyalalitha.

Though the limits are known, Mayawathi can also dream about Prime Minister Chair. The biggest common point of all these aspirants is they all are bachelors – Selvis, Kumaris and Eligible Young bachelors.

Anna Hazarae backs Mamta for corruption free governance. Modi is projected as Prime Minister for development. Rahul the distant second in the race after Narendra Modi per few media – is  a new poster boy of waning double incumbent regime of the nation.

Lot of Singles coming to centre stage. Seems the Indian politics has married these non-married leaders. Being a Single is not going to give any mileage in present day politics. Nation is not expecting saints. On the other hand married or not – Nation expects corruption free performing prime minister.


Modi has proven his development in Gujarat – which is right now being challenged by Arvind Kejriwal – the neo crusader against corruption discovered by the nation.

Jeya wants all 40 seats – Tamil Nadu + Pondicherry in her pockets. Jaya has thrown out all alliance parties. She may not get 40 seats.

Mamta can get the last time number – but there are chances that she can do little bad this time due to incumbency. Mayawathi can do better this time as she is not in power and Akilesh is good in making mistakes. Bachelors are ruling Indian politics. After this election a bachelor will rule India.

A Nation with Billion is going to be ruled by a man with no kid and no wife. India is certainly unique.


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