Sleep Tight





A sound sleep is as important to one’s healthy life as much as food and water. Most of the busy bees hate long-hours sleepers and even mock at them as lazy losers. These bees have their own time management theory. It goes like this.An average life time of a man is say 60 years and of it if one spends 6 to 8 hours a day in sleep, which is a third of a day. This means that every person wastes (!) around 20 years of his lifetime in sleeping.

Isn’t it a criminal waste of time? How would one dare to squander 20 productive years of their lives merely in sleep? Such thoughts develop from their notion that sleeping is something a waste of time. Most of us think that an individual is more productive at work than resting.

The busy bees or short hours sleepers went on inventing techniques of sleeping, power sleep, for instance. They promise practicing the technique would enable them to have a full body rest in a short period of time. Their calculation is if the body gets its full due of rest in about 3 to 4 hours, meaning half the usual sleeping time, they could figuratively save 10 years of their lives, which might otherwise be wasted sleeping. (What a save!)

Wait! A little bit of latest findings in the field of Neurology.




Neurons are brain cells, the building blocks of the brain- our CPU. From childhood these billions of neurons make connections and evolve neural networks. Every experience we have since childhood, each day, plays a vital role in shaping up these networking links. The more the links more it attributes to one’s intelligence. Recent studies on human brain have revealed that the neurons make links more efficiently while the brain is at rest. The brain is its peak of rest while the body is looses itself deep in slumbers.

So scientists now approve and advice people to have sound sleep. The average sleeping time prescribed for an average human being is 6 to 8 hours a day.

So sleeping is not waste of time after all. You’re in fact honing your brain while your body eases itself in rest.



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