Smart phones: Danger to Indian Interaction


A Country like India getting into Button less smart phones cannot be fully termed as advancement. There was an advertisement running in Indian televisions, an educated decent suite wearing young man in a rented taxi seated in back seat inquires about an address to a young pretty technically advanced good looking girl. She displays a map in her phone and completes the map with a tag ‘Don’t you have smart phone UNCLE’. She will stress ‘UNCLE’

UNCLE, though it is not a bad word – the young guy did not like it come from a good looking jeans and shirt wearing young college girl.

This ad is giving two messages. The use of Smart phones helps you everywhere. The other message, you don’t need to interact with any for finding anything.

The second message is the alarm for Indian society. The Indian society which already killed the talking culture in the urban apartments – with the help of smart phones can put a full stop of interaction.

In India, it is common to speak with everyone. Indians don’t hesitate. They take the privilege get help from the fellow citizen.

But Smart phones can dangerously kill this culture. The Argumentative Indians are making money in talk shows. The South Indian Pattimandrams(talk shows) were taken by only money making orators and the camera frenzy young population. Their mouth is open only for money or fame.

GPS apps can kill Indians speaking to tea vendors. This is to kill the last dot in Indian talking culture. Indian talking culture is in danger. The Indian Talking culture helped people to mingle with each other. The Indian Talking culture helped the country for long time in building ideas and plans.

The Talks were great weapon in the past for Indians. The Father of the nation, Mahathma Gandhi once said – ‘I was able to win-over everyone by dialogue except the lawyer from Bombay and my own son’.

This gives the best weight of Talking culture of India.

Turn off your GPS and smart phones. Please turn on if and only if required. Stop your car near a tea shop, speak to them. This life is to live with human beings too.

I am turning off my smart phone. Will you join me?


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