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The wish list of any contemporary youngster would never be complete without his/her dream smartphone. An employed youth’s first month spending probably has a smartphone purchase. Now this craze extends to phablets and tablets. A friend of mine, who met me after a yearlong gap, asked me, ‘Hey do you still have this same phone? Haven’t you changed it yet?’ He was already on his third for that year. No wonder he was surprised with me using the same mobile. A decade ago we would’ve never thought our lives would be the way it is now and mobile phones are the precursors of this change.

A phone is basically to call and a modern day smartphone has entirely changed the specifications to be looked for while purchasing a phone. During my childhood in one of the comics I read, an alien character from a distant planet would show the protagonist kid with a handheld device on hand. It would proudly announce that their device is far superior in processing speed and performance. Whenever I think of the modern phone this memory crosses my mind.

Soon after the remarkable reception of the mobile phone worldwide there arose a tough competition in the mobile market. More and more facilities incorporated with the mobile phone changed its face totally that even Graham Bell would find it hard to recognize it with telephone, though the basic functionality remains the same with both. If you read the most famous theoretical physicist Stephen W.Hawking’s “The Universe in a Nutshell”, published a decade back, in the final chapters he had discussed the future of the computing machines. It is said that the computing system doubles in its processing speed and performance in every eighteen months, roughly. Usually two months after your smartphone purchase, you might’ve surely felt as if your phone is outdated, in comparison with some other new arrival.


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With the mobile phones morphing now as computer doubles- they could almost do every common task a computer did a decade ago- this evolution time has dramatically shrunk, may be to 3 or 4 months. You needn’t have to be a tech geek to say this. Just if you’re tech news regular you could say this with ease. With ever business quarter the mobile manufacturing companies come up with a new technology that redefines the definition of a cell phone and with every year we’ve a game changer in the industry.

No other gadget, perhaps in the history of electronic instruments, has a devoted television programme (Cell Guru of NDTV) or an exclusive magazine all for itself (Mobile World). This vouches for the popularity the gadget enjoys. This has not just attracted the customers but also the biggies in the electronic industry. Every year we see electronic giants entering into the mobile business with their exclusive line ups. If Lenovo was last year entrant biggie it is Philips this year as of now.


Here's a short take on the Indian Trend in the web

Here’s a quick take on the Indian Trend in the web ( Click to enlarge)


Looking into the buying trends of Indians takes us with unimagined surprises. Unlike any other manufacturers Apple with its iPhone has created itself as a status symbol. This is deeply psychological that no other brand in the mobile world has managed to get with. You would wonder to know that one in two of every high end (over $500) smartphone sold in India is an iPhone. Another report says Indians spend the most to grab their iPhone than any other in the world. A person’s social status is closely now related to the phone he/she has. This has urged many Indians to view it as an easier way to identify them as upper class. They are least bothered to spend more from their pockets on phones. The EMI magic makes the deal much easier.


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The spending on phones is based on the peer pressure more often than on the basis of utility. While I was commuting in a train this vacation, a man, in his 30s by looks, requested me to help him find a number in his contact list, on his ultra rich smartphone since his tries weren’t fruitful. You might’ve very well come across such personalities. This clearly exemplifies the mere social craze behind this buying trend. Paying a large chunk of your earnings on a gadget is worthy only when you are able to make the optimum usage out of it.


Spend on what you use, not on what you flaunt.       



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