Smriti – the Smartest!



Introducing, Smrit Irani –  the new HRD minister of India. Smriti is great fan of the present prime minister of the nation, Mr. Narendra Modi. Smriti heads the ministry which leads all educational organizations influenced by the government of Indian Union.

Smriti is a television actress turned politician. She bats for and part of the party, Bharatiya Janata Party – the leading party of the present government of the nation.

Smriti supported modi when there was hostile camp lead by the senior politician called L K Advani. Smriti is an energy packed politician undoubtedly.

Smriti’s education is represented differently everywhere – that is the biggest issue she faces. To make thinks worse, she was appointed as minister of HRD by her favorite leader Mr. Narendra Modi.

The issues started pouring for her. Can a school dropout lead Indian Universities? – Her strong critics cried. She tried to prove her intelligence. She tried to say she is graduated. She now states, she is graduated from Yale. Even she may not believe it.

Yale University rendered 6 day degree to Smiriti

But the fact of the matter is the pain she may go through. Education is not a qualification to become a minister in India including HRD. India is truly democratic. There were more innocents and non-skilled and untalented female leaders India did witness. Lalu Prasad of Bihar made his innocent kitchen kiddy wife Rabri Devi as chief minister of the state. India is prepared to see any high time comedy.

Though India still has bold female leaders like Mamata banerjee, Jayalalithaa and Mayavathi – India can have Lalu’s wife too.

Smriti is not too bad but not too great too. She is more energetic  and a mass puller due to her TV appeal. Finding fault on Smriti is democratic. Smriti is genius per her party and capable of leading HRD. You may differ, you have all the right to differ.

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