Socialize Business Process Development

social BPM2

Social media tools are getting deeply  into the world of IT working. There are Enterprise Social media tools like tibbr and chatter in place. The Concept of social BPM combines the traditional Business Process Management with web2.0 social tools.

BPM is based on the Object Management Group’s convention called BPMN. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is now at version 2.0. Social BPM is defined as a methodology with the social networking principles incorporated to enable bidirectional collaboration using web 2.0 tools.

Social BPM enables the communication channel to work effectively. Social BPM is considered to be more interactive, iterative and effective. But Still the Social BPM tools is yet to make a better mark in the conventional enterprise BPMN. United Kingdom’s Nimbus is a Social BPM tool. Nimbus is being used by lot of European countries.


The Tea Company Twining is using Nimbus.

Enterprise 2.0 companies would like to become champions in this arena. Looking into success stories of Enterprise 2.0 and Social BPM happens in Enterprise 2.0 conferences. In an Enterprise 2.0 conference, Susan Scrupksi founder of 2.0 Adoption council is keen in making meaningful adoptions.

Adoption of Enterprise 2.0 in CRM, ERP and BPM can be better productive. Tibco’s Nimbus is sometimes looked as Business Process Analysts. Nimbus allows to invoke Oracle and SAP transactions.

Nimbus was first used by companies using SAP. A company with SAP as ERP tool uses Nimbus for Business Process Management.

Culmination of ERP or CRM or BPM with Web 2.0 tools create a more reliable and effective tools. As conventional BPM, the Social BPM uses tasks, participants and flows. The attachment of any sort of document to a task is possible in Nimbus. Nimbus tries to answer who to do the what and when. The How is implicit in it. Nimbus goes better with collaboration software like tibbr.

In a day of very fine social BPM, work would be interactive and faster.

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