Spain in Tears

Spain Train Crash

A happy festive mood was halted in a Spain city today. A train with a blazing speed has derailed near the pilgrimage center of Santiago de Compostela, while it encountered a sharp curve, with 274 passengers on board. The city which uses to be otherwise busy with the pilgrims has witnessed one of the worst train accidents in Europe’s Railway history.

The 14 second footage of the derailing train has sent nightmares to the viewers across the globe, which was only seen in adrenaline pumping action blocks in movies. The exact toll of the deceased is yet to be confirmed. The officials however put the figures closer to a third of the passengers on board.

The driver of the train who the Spanish officials name as Francisco Jose Garzon Amo has survived the accident with minor injury. The technical experts have ruled out the mechanical failure in the train, for the train is brought to technical inspection periodically. Hence the maintenance record is perfect.

The witnesses saw the train derailing with a heavy impact that one of its carriages was thrown to several meters away, reports the news accounts. The train is operated by a state owned company Renfe, and sources report that the train is five years old. Hence the possibility of mechanical failure is thin. The 52 year old driver, who drives for about three decade, has nothing to say about the catastrophe at the moment. He is soon to be investigated.

Shocked witnesses recount the horror of the tragedy and the stories are pouring in from their PoV. The evacuations of the messed compartments along with the toppled engine are briskly underway. Over speed is doubted to be the reason behind the crash. According to the one of the unidentified news sources that reports the driver having confirmed the speed of the train while it encountered the bend was 190 kmph while the speed limit laid at the spot on 2011 was just 80 kmph.