Spicy story of Chicken 65!


Buhari Hotel, Chennai

In the year of 1965, a discovery was made by a hotelier in Chennai . The hotelier was A M Buhari who owned Buhari Restaurant. The discovery is named as ‘Chicken 65’. Chicken 65 is fried chicken with special mix of spices.

‘The Hindu’, famous national newspaper documented the discovery on the same year. There are many stories over rumor mill across the nation about this spicy kitchen product.

The Documented history of chicken and Chennai states, A M Buhari discovered this but did not patent his dish. It is being stated that it was intentionally not patented. Though it is difficult to believe it was intentional for not patenting. The intention per the people who treats the intention of non-patenting as good will state that “Not to hinder the popularity of this food”. Though we can suspect the story – but the truth is that, kitchen kid of Buhari is really famous across everywhere in the state of Tamil Nadu still.

Buhari Hotel is famous for Biriyani and Chicken 65. There are other spicy stories over Chicken 65. There are even film comedies in Tamil movies over Chicken 65.

Few of the North Indians subscribe to a story, where Army men stayed in Chennai had Chicken fry as 65th item in the food menu appeared in menu cards of Chennai’s hotels. Few say, it was inside Army kitchen.

In the same note – per them, The Army felt in the year of 1965 – the easy and best non-vegetarian food for cadres was Chicken 65.

An other story, though discarded by multiple sources still lives. The discarded story is a breed chicken which can live only for 65 days was used to make chicken 65.

There is another story too. Chicken 65 needs 65 different spices to make it.

On all the note, Chicken 65 is discovery of Chennai is the only undisputed knot in all the stories. The reality is AM Buhari discovered and did not patent a best recipe of all time in the history of chicken and Chennai. I think, there is no patent even for Geographical identity for Chicken 65, while the nearby Tirupati has geography identity patented ‘thirupathi Ladu’.

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

    I’ve tasted it so many times here in Kolkata and often wondered about the name but had no idea about it’s inventor… thanks for sharing this info…