Spreading Smiles




I never take New Year resolutions. To me it sounds very formal and customary in many ways. Perhaps the only resolution that I take every year is not to take one. This year is no different. Nonetheless I decided to do something which I’ve always thought and articulated about but never attempted to do. Last night after wishing every Creofirean to have an ‘Angelic year ahead’, I thought of spreading smiles on this first day of the year.

The idea is simple – To wish everyone whole heartedly a Happy New Year, no matter who he or she is. This morning was no different from any other day but today seemed to be special to most of us. Yet not everyone is blessed to enjoy and be merry on this opening day of the year. Many on the streets were busy with their routine work, to win their bread, like any other day.




I went to a tea vender, bought some snack, and wished him a very happy new year. A smile blossomed like a leaf experiencing the first drop of rain in years. It was brief yet from his heart. ‘Thank you sir’, he replied with a smile again. I realized that it was something that everyone could do but hardly any one does. The same thing happened with a man in a petty shop. I saw him smiling for the first time ever – who otherwise sported a very serious look.

The super market was busy on the first day and the sales girls bustling as usual were too busy with work. The girl in the cash counter, who too always had a serious look and would often grimace when the work stress presses her too much, was sitting in with her usual posture. She mechanically billed the items and counted the money I paid. While returning the bill with the balance, I smiled and said Happy New Year. At once she smiled, that had evidently taken away her worries, if not for ever, at least momentarily. She said, “Thank you and wish you the same’. ‘Sorry I was in work tension for I replied back late’, she added. She was all in smiles then. A similar incident happened with the older security personnel in the ATM center by the evening.

I realized one simple thing from today’s experience. Life can be much better for us and for everyone just by doing simple things that every one of us can do it every day, because life becomes more beautiful not by great deeds but by simple things done with love. May love and smile spread across all the days this year and forever!

Take care.

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