SriLanka: A Danger near by ?



Sri Lanka has really not learned lessons from its three decade long bloody civil war. The Nation is facing a new insurgency not against the island by and large, but against the region.

The dominant India of Indian Ocean is facing trouble some time from her neighbor. The Central government of India did send red alert to the coastal states particularly to Tamil Nadu before the independence day of this year. It seems that the alert from the Intelligence department was not taken care in an appropriate manner by the state.

Indian Intelligence warns of danger that can occur from the neighboring island. The Warning underlines that the threat of attacking the sub-continent’s super power via the island nation. Years before, United States did put a similar kind of danger but the actor would be China in far future per the study.

The relation between China and India is not in very good terms. In case of any war, China and India are eying to use neighboring islands as safe ports. India eyes on Maldives and Mauritius. India has very less stake in the island of SriLanka now.


India did face very non-cordial relation at the time of Ms. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka. India’s then Prime Minister Ms. Indira Feroz Gandhi did intensify the internal conflict in the island – which the island was incapable of dealing for years.

India’s new government may not be under passive Mr. Manmohan singh – the new government may pressure Sri Lanka. In case of Sri Lanka trying to act, the nation may plan against the island with a kind of Team X. US may join India.

India’s powerful foreign affairs officials are still in support for the island. But the nation may not compromise its internal defense.  Post-Babri Masjid demolition, India is facing very tough times in handling the terror attacks on the nation.

Sri Lanka is also facing polarizing under regional framework – which would endanger its own internal governance. Bodu Bala Sena – the extreme right wing which speaks vigorously against muslims may spoil the week equation which exist between Muslims and Sinhalese. But the warning from Bodu-Bala sena on natives of sri lanka being used for terror attacks cannot be taken easily.

At this time, the word of caution is – it is easy for Indian media to label all terror attacks with Brand Islam where there is saffron terror too.


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