Start! Action!! Camera!!! : TN lives inside Dream Factory

Nevertheless to say, Tamils are intellectuals. They can become head of Google too. On the same token, Nevertheless to say, Tamils live in film mania.

Start! Action!! Camera!!! :

CN AnnaDurai, M Karunanidhi, MG Ramachandran

In the later part of 1960s, Tamils wanted to safe guard their language and did want to fight for the cause of the language. They found their warriors coming behind the screens. Conjeevaram Natarajan Anna Durai, first chief minister from Dravidian politics spear headed the struggle. CN Anna Durai was a writer mainly worked for plays and movie industry. CN Anna Durai understanding the influence of movie actors in the Tamil mass called Maruthoor Gopalakrishna Ramachandra Menon popularly called as MGR, to show the face to cash crores of votes from Tamil Masses.

Story! Screenplay!! Dialogue!!! Direction!!!!:

Anna’s another student was M Karunanidhi, the leader of present Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. M K is famous for his Dialogue writing. His words were powerful than his mentor of politics in the silver screen. MK is good at playing with Tamil words. He and his mentor took film industry as their vehicle to reach St.George fort of Chennai.

Newly elected Top brass of Nadigar Sangam (Artists Association): Vishal, Pon Vannan, Karti, Karunas and Nasser

Newly elected Top brass of Nadigar Sangam (Artists Association): Vishal, Pon Vannan, Karti, Karunas and Nasser

All the glitters are gold:

Most powerful people in Tamil Nadu’s politics were/are always from film industry. This is the state of engineers. Starting from CN Anna Durai until the present opposition leader Mr. VijayaKanth – Every powerful persona comes from Movie industry. Super star of Tamil Movie industry is next to god for his fans.

Now, comes the election for Actors:

Tamil nadu actors, who are part of South Indian Film Artists Association – casted their vote to select their President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Presidents and other executive members. This time the election had its spice like a masala movie often called as Madras Cut movies by bollywood. There were two groups. The main agenda is to restore the building which was hosting the union for decades.

The election was covered extensively covered by all the Tamil news channels very much similar to Assembly elections.

Are Tamils feeling their masters are still coming from screens? A learned society has to think more.


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  • Arun Prasadh

    For foreseeable future movie stars only will be big leaders in TN.